XLam Announces Significant Expansion Program

XLam today announced plans to expand its Nelson manufacturing facility by adding an extra Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) fabrication machine to meet its commitments for CLT products across New Zealand.

XLam CEO Gary Caulfield said the XLam Board approved a five-stage strategic expansion plan.

“We are delighted to announce that as part of the first stage of the expansion program we have ordered a Hundegger PBA 3 CNC machine for the Nelson site.

“This will significantly improve the processing time and increase volume of timber process, more than doubling the current production outputs.”

Mr Caulfield said the company is committed to investing in projects that generate value to customers in New Zealand.

“XLam is focused on making strategic investments to improve and optimise our integrated business and support the continued supply of high-quality, locally produced timber panels,” said Caulfield.

The expansion project is expected to increase the Nelson based operations capacity to beyond that of the existing CNC by more than 50%. This project is in addition to the recently announced development for the Australian ‘state-of-the-art’ sister plant which shall be in operation in 2018.

“We continuously evaluate new opportunities to meet market demands and to enhance the competitiveness. This investment signals our commitment to the New Zealand market and the fulfilment of new orders.”

“Our success as a sustainable construction material and process over the last 5 years is due to a number of factors, including a highly-skilled workforce, support from the local and international markets, and the foresight from our board in recognising the local market potential.

“This latest investment in the very best technology will further add to the list of success factors,” said Mr Caulfield.

The expansion project has already begun with vendors supplying equipment to the Nelson site in the coming months. The first stage is scheduled for completion in February 2018.

There will be further progress announcements regarding the five stage expansion plan over coming months.