The Company

XLam’s vision is to be the leading provider of sustainable solutions for commercial and residential construction throughout New Zealand, Australia and beyond, focussing on the use of branded CLT and derivative products. XLam is the first manufacturer of cross laminated timber in the Southern Hemisphere.

Ian & Robin Jack
Ian & Robin Jack

XLam was founded in 2010 when NZ brothers Robin and Ian Jack combined their knowledge of engineered wood products to set up the first cross laminated timber manufacturing plant in the Southern Hemisphere. Robin is the CEO of Jacks, NZ’s leading supplier of advance woodworking equipment, and Ian is the founder of an architecture practice which has designed some of NZ’s most recognised timber buildings.

The first XLam manufacturing plant is located at Nelson, New Zealand. Nelson was selected for its large plantation timber resource, a work force experienced in timber processing, and a containerised shipping port with direct links to Australian ports.

Since 2012 when production commenced, XLam has experienced rapid growth. In 2015 a formal connection with Australia was forged, with Hyne Timber interests securing a substantial stakeholding in XLam, and subsequently acquiring the remainder of the Jack family’s holding in 2016. As Australia’s largest privately owned timber supply company, Hyne brought enormous experience and financial support to XLam, enabling the establishment of an Australian plant at which XLam production will commence towards the end of 2017. Until then, Australian projects are being supplied from the NZ factory.

Board of Directors

XLam has several directors who govern the boards of both XLam Australia Pty Ltd and XLam NZ Ltd.

Chris Hyne

Chris Hyne is the chairman of the XLam board, he is also the chairman of Hyne and Son Pty Ltd in Australia. His wide management roles within Hyne Timber have included operational, marketing and distribution aspects of the company. Chris led the establishment of Hyne’s inaugural quality, safety and environmental systems, and later the human resources and marketing portfolios. Other roles have included Chairman of the Timber Research and Development Council, Chairman of the Pine and Hardwood Divisions of the Queensland Timber Board, Deputy Chairman of the Queensland Timber Board, Director of the Australian Forest Products Association, as well as board memberships for several private companies and community organisations.

Chris Robertson

Chris Robertson is a director of the XLam board. Chris provides many years of timber manufacturing experience and recently championed the completion of the new Australian CLT plant in Wodonga, Victoria. Chris provides strategic guidance and support to XLam, and currently serves as Hyne’s Strategic Manager. Chris is a well-known and much respected professional with a long-standing commitment to the timber industry at a local and international level.

The XLam Team

The strength of XLam lies in its people.  XLam is staffed by leading experts in their fields whose individual skills and experience combine to make a highly effective team. We all believe totally in our product and share the great excitement of pioneering CLT down under.


Gary Caulfield

Gary Caulfield


Gary took up the role of XLam CEO on 14 March 2016. A professional construction and management consultant, his energy, experience and vision are key to ongoing growth of the company in Australia and New Zealand. Gary’s extensive involvement at the highest levels of commercial project development combines with first-hand experience of the efficiencies of prefabricated construction. As past Business Development Director of Stanley Construction, he initiated and managed many innovative solutions to challenging projects. Prior to joining XLam, he held the role of Pre-construction Manager at Ebert Construction. Within NZ, Gary has also held project management positions with MPM Projects and Hawkins Construction. A Scotsman, Gary’s earlier professional years were spent with project management and construction companies in the UK. Gary holds a B.Sc (Hons) and a Diploma in Construction Law and Arbitration. As a board member of Prefab NZ he has been active in advancing the development of off-site construction in New Zealand.


The precision and rapid construction benefits of off-site fabrication necessitate more front-end preparation and multi-party coordination than for conventional building systems. XLam’s business philosophy is founded on forging enduring relationships with design consultants and customers, based on service, support and results. We assist an expanding group of industry professionals in achieving the benefits of CLT solutions for their clients and projects. XLam is completely independent with no formal associations or commitments to any other party. We do however acknowledge the mutual benefits which accrue through building productive and cooperative relationships within team environments. XLam’s expanding repeat business partners include:

Quality Assurance

XLam quality procedures and outcomes are subject to regular independent audit by the NZ Government-owned inspection company AsureQuality.

The quality control provisions for manufacturing are fully set out in the XLam Quality Assurance Framework and include procedures for verifying timber source, strength evaluation, timber grading, moisture and temperature control, adhesive application, testing, machining tolerances and material handling.

In addition the XLam Quality Assurance Framework covers all aspects of management and staff training, health and safety in the factory and on site, and compliance with relevant Australian and NZ Standards.

Terms and Conditions

XLam have a series of contracts that cover the following areas:

  • Design/Engineering, whereby a fee-for-service proposal is generated to meet the specific needs of the project.
  • Supply only, whereby XLam are commissioned to produce product in accordance with the specification and engineering for a project.
  • Supply and Installation - XLam are able to offer a complete supply and install contract for your project.
  • Design/Engineering, Supply and Install - asks us about our full service offering. XLam are pleased to offer an end-to-end service ensuring your project risk is managed by the experts at XLam.

XLam are happy to work with all Clients to ensure mutually beneficial terms and conditions of Contract are agreed, however please be advised that our default position is to negotiate on XLam’s terms and conditions.

Chain of Custody

In order to continue to deliver on our commitment to CofC certification, Xlam is committed to CofC certification and the following:

  1. Ensuring that all resource is from legal and known origins, by maintaining systems and processes to demonstrate the traceability of all resources inputs.

  2. Provide adequate administrative arrangements and support to deliver the necessary CofC control systems.

  3. Maintaining documentation and control systems to enable trusted and correct use of certification and logos on wood products.

  4. Provide ongoing training and development of personnel to ensure adequate knowledge to allow for efficient and accurate implementation of CofC systems.

  5. Regularly engaging an independent third party to review systems and ensure ongoing compliance.

  6. Ensuring that the facilitates and processes meet or exceed all applicable workplace health and safety and environmental laws or regulations.

Chain of Custody Complaints

As part of XLams commitment to ongoing improvement a company complaints procedure has been implemented. All complaints shall be assessed and reviewed within 2 weeks from date of registration.

Site visits shall be conducted as required within 2 months of registration, if required to verify claims made onsite.

A complete account of the registration through completed action shall be documented.

All non-complaint material deemed to breach the relevant guidelines and shall be reported to the relevant party located within Australia. A thorough risk assessment shall be conducted should the risk be low with respect to frequent non-conformance issues.

If you would like to register a complain about our product, please email, [email protected] or visit the contact page