The combination of CLT and GluLam marry perfectly in commercial office building applications, which typically demand longer spans form engineered timber products. The basement car parking grid layout (typically 8m x 8m or 8m x 9m etc.) typically determines the grid used throughout the entire project. Hence, CLT, at present, is incapable of spanning such distances in both directions, therefore CLT is best used in an application is it most suited for, in this case as a floor system supported by columns and beams.

Commercial Offices

GluLam is often used to construct the building’s columns and beams. GluLam is manufactured by gluing together smaller pieces of stress-graded and seasoned laminates, which are dressed to exact and uniform thickness. Because of the use of multiple laminates, GluLam is usually stronger than solid timber. The CLT is then placed above the GluLam structure to complete the floor system.

Typically, a glass and solid material facade maximise daylight penetration and reduce solar heat gain. The occupancy of an open plan office space is very appealling to organisations who purchase these offices, not to mention the biophilic benefits of working in a timber structure connected to nature.

Furthermore, engineered wood has great fire-resistant characteristics, with large timber beams proven to be able to retain their integrity even after being exposed to a fire.

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