The structural properties, appearance, and passive fire design benefits of XLam panels offer new and unique opportunities to designers. For example, walls may be utilised as beams to carry floor and roof loads; the use of cantilevers permits longer spans; lintels may be reduced or eliminated; engineered wood can be a striking expression of building design.

XLam’s highly qualified resources in engineering, architecture, construction and site management are available to guide and assist the project design team from the earliest concept development.

Initial design decisions will play the largest part in governing project viability and economic outcomes. The most economical building outcomes are reached where CLT is integrated at the conceptual stage so that its manufacturing and performance capabilities can shape decision-making. An early design consultation with XLam will optimise the performance of CLT, dealing with considerations such as economical panel sizes, orientation, tolerance for assembly, appearance, durability, buildability and construction sequencing.

To ensure that every single project maintains its originality, we offer industrial collaboration with other architects and engineers. In this manner, we gain more perspective on each of our projects, enhancing our learning and industrial experience. Architects we collaborate with include: Himmel Zimmer, Prescott Architects, Ecobuild Design, Proske, R M Design, Redbox Architects, Hallion Design, Bates Smart, Decibel Architecture and Jasmax. Engineers that we collaborate with are: Vistek, Partridge, Irwin Consult, AECOM, Adams Consulting Engineers and TTW.

Workshop Drawings

During the design development phase, XLam will advise on structural considerations, panel thicknesses and spans, CLT layout and connection details.

Workshop Drawings

On receipt of fully dimensioned electronic drawings, the XLam draughting team will prepare a 3-D model using advanced Cadwork CAD/CAM software. The location of proposed panel joints is added to suit manufacturing requirements, together with joint profiles to suit the engineer’s connection details. These constitute the workshop drawings for final approval and sign-off.

The approved Cadwork model is then exported to Lignocam which drives the manufacturing process from initial assembly of board layers through to CNC machining of the panels to precise dimensions, ready for delivery to site.


Our process then involves state-of-the-art computer-controlled factory machining. In Australia, our supply factory utilises a Hundegger PBA 3 CNC 5-axis processing centre. The ‘gantry’ style CNC machine is designed to efficiently cut large panels. Our machine can be built up to 9 different cutting and milling tools.

  • Weinig Opticut Dimter, optimising crosscut saw and remove board defects
  • A Grecon finger jointer to glue short boards into to structural lengths
  • A Weinig Hydromat planer to dress the lumber for lamination
  • Vacuum pressing from the Swiss company Woodtec
  • A mechanical press and timber processing line from Ledinek In New Zealand, we use a Weinmann CNC 5-axis processing centre to shape pressed CLT panels

XLam’s logistical process is like no other. We deliver the prefabricated project panels to site, by land or sea, to the specified location, all within the project timeframe – fresh from the factory.

Off-site Solutions

  1. Bespoke bracketry

  2. Metal-work fittings

  3. GLT processing

  4. LVL processing

  5. Adhesive building wraps

  6. Roof-to-floor insulation services


Upon installation, XLam has industrial linkages with multiple building certifiers and installers. We offer both collaboration with, or management of, installers to effectively secure project delivery. Our linkages to building certifiers include: Private Certifiers Australia, Certis Group and SW & Partners.

Cost Planning

Given sufficient preliminary design information, XLam will provide an early estimate of likely CLT supply costs to facilitate project planning. This entails establishing floor spans, loadings, anticipated bracing, and a general understanding of design requirements and complexity. Subject to agreed terms, XLam will then work with the customer and design team on refining design aspects to maximise project cost benefit, leading to a fixed price supply quotation based on contract documents.

Permit Applications

Building approvals and building consents are processed under the Alternative Solution provisions of the Australia and New Zealand Building Codes. XLam assists applications with the supporting technical documents required to substantiate performance requirements under the codes.

Team Collaboration

From the outset, XLam will work closely as partners with the project team, bringing a wealth of experience to early design decisions, forward planning and construction management.

Speed on site is achieved through comprehensive front end preparation. XLam provides early practical assessment and advice, works closely with the project team and if required will recommend consultants with expertise in CLT.

Working with the contractor, XLam will consult on job programming and scheduling for manufacture. Lead time is necessary to secure delivery to meet the contract program. The manufacturing lead time commences at the date of signing the Purchase Agreement.

XLam supports engagement with the Relevant Building Surveyor or Building Consent Authority, and where applicable the Fire Authority, to build cooperation and resolve any questions around approvals.

Terms and Conditions

XLam have a series of contracts that cover the following areas:

  • Design/Engineering, whereby a fee-for-service proposal is generated to meet the specific needs of the project.

  • Supply only, whereby XLam are commissioned to produce product in accordance with the specification and engineering for a project.

  • Supply and Installation - XLam are able to offer a complete supply and install contract for your project.

  • Design/Engineering, Supply and Install - asks us about our full service offering. XLam are pleased to offer an end-to-end service ensuring your project risk is managed by the experts at XLam.

XLam are happy to work with all clients to ensure mutually beneficial terms and conditions of contract are agreed, however please be advised that our default position is to negotiate on XLam’s terms and conditions.